New SMS Gateway Provider

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There is now a novel way to order and purchase ebook using special SMS
or short message services.

This is made possible with a new SMS gateway provider system which
is able to use the special SMS to facilitate the ordering and purchasing of
ebook and also to make payment for the ebook at the same time.

This method has just been developed in Malaysia and is the first of its kind in the world.

The system is supported by the 3 major telecommunication companies which are Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

This new method saves a lot of time and avoids unnecessary hassles.

Internet connection is not required to place the buy order.

There is no need to wait for websites to load and open online.

There is also no need to go through tedious and time consuming procedures
involving online payment gateways.

All that one has to do is send a special text message which contains the ebook
code by SMS to a special number. An instant reply which acknowledges the buy
order will be sent back to the purchaser, who can then download the ebook from
a link in the email. The whole process can be very easily and quickly completed
within a few minutes.

A small fee of RM5 will be charged each time a purchase order is sent.

There are no additional  charges, which means it only costs RM5 for a ebook.

No spam messages will be sent.

Any model of handphone can be used for this, provided it can send and receive
text messages using SMS or short message services.


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