A novel way to buy ebook using new SMS gateway provider.

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Welcome to  ebooksmsgateway.com

Do you like to read?

Reading is a very relaxing and rewarding habit for many people.

Nowadays, you do not always have to get physical books from the book
stores since digital books on many subjects can be found on the internet.

Are you looking for good ebooks online?

When you have found what you want to purchase, you will have to click
a link to connect you to the online payment gateway provider.

Do you find it troublesome to buy and pay for them because you have to
log into your PayPal account or key in the details from your credit card?

There is a new, very quick and easy way to make purchases of ebooks
without the need to connect to the internet, by just using a handphone.

This novel way of buying ebooks is made possible with a new SMS
gateway provider system.

This system makes use of premium SMS or 2 way SMS which are special
short message services.

The system makes it possible for many people to easily and quickly place
an order for the ebook, receive instant acknowledgement of the purchase
order and conveniently pay for the ebook all at the same tiime.

The buyer can then check the email and download the ebook from a link
in a new message which has been sent there.

The whole process can be completed very quickly in just a few minutes.

If you want to know how to purchase ebook in 3 simple steps using this
new and original method , you can find more details and read them at

You can also go to the New SMS Gateway Provider page to read more.